Sauces That Save Time
June 9, 2021
Getting Ready for The Gameday Rush? Texas Pete® Is on Your Team.
August 2, 2021

Breakfast Is On A Fast Break

Convenience retailers weathered the pandemic and sagging gasoline sales by finding new ways to serve prepared foods. One of the most important solutions was portion control sauces that could add flavor and enable customers to create their own desired level of heat.

Texas Pete® strengthened its position as the #1 PC hot sauce brand in foodservice by providing plenty of PC packets to operators like you. Now the new four-flavor line up of 1 oz. PC dipping cups take adding flavor to a whole new level.


Crafted to pair with convenience store’s most popular menu items, retailers have an opportunity to add value to their meal deals and even upcharge for a sauce instead of giving it away.

Hot sauce for breakfast handhelds is up 151% on menus since 2017.

Datassential, 2021

As remote workers return to their offices in the mornings, there is also a big opportunity for offering Texas Pete® as either an ingredient in a breakfast handheld, or a 1 oz. cup as an add-on. A look at trending sauces for breakfast handhelds finds hot sauce is up 151% since 2017.

Texas Pete® Hot Sauce is the perfect complement to fried chicken. Spicy fried chicken sandwiches remain the top-selling item on QSR menus. A quick look at sales during 2020 found that limited-service restaurants featuring fried chicken, such as Chick-Fil-A and Church’s, were within the few segments that actually grew sales during the pandemic. Many of them count on Texas Pete® for that spicy goodness and you can too.

Fried chicken as a breakfast handheld protein was up 72% on menus since 2017. Thus, Texas Pete® Hot Sauce spicing up a fried chicken entrée or spicy sandwich for any daypart is a winner in 2021 and beyond. Texas Pete® 1 oz. dipping cups are likewise a favorite dipping sauce for other favorites among convenience retailers, such as fried chicken tenders, chicken wings, fries and tots, or fried appetizers.

Take advantage of trends that clearly call for a spicy solution with new 1 oz. Texas Pete® Dipping cups or PC packets. Contact a Garner Foods Representative to discuss your menu options. There is a $500 rebate available as a stimulus to your 2021 recovery, so stock up as consumers return to travel, work, and school to celebrate life and get back to normal.