If you’re looking for new ideas for your menu, you’re in the right place. We have created dozens of recipe videos using all of Texas Pete’s versatile sauce products, and they are all right here for you to enjoy. From simple plus-one ideas to more extensive recipes, we have lots of options to inspire you to get creative in your kitchen.

Texas Pete® Buffalo Mac and Cheese

Who doesn’t love mac & cheese? And with the addition of buttery, spicy Texas Pete® Buffalo Wing. . . . Keep Reading ►

Avacado Over Easy Toast

Texas Pete® Over Easy Avocado Toast

Fried eggs pair beautifully with avocado in this version of avocado toast, featuring two varieties of. . . . Keep Reading ►

Texas Pete® Buffalo Chicken Dip

Made with Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce OR Wing Sauce, this classic party dip is perfect for . . . Keep Reading ►

Asian Root Beer BBQ Glaze

A bit spicy, a bit sweet, and completely irresistible, our Asian Root Beer BBQ Glaze features Texas Pete® Fiery . . . Keep Reading ►

Spicy Pimento Cheese Dip

Traditional Southern pimento cheese is taken to a new level with the addition of flavorful whole-grain mustard . . . Keep Reading ►

Beer Cheese Brats Video Image

Kickin’ Beer Cheese Brat Topping

Something magical happens when you mix Texas Pete® Extra Mild Wing Sauce with lager and cheese. Dress your brats . . . Keep Reading ►


We love to highlight the restaurants and other foodservice operations who use Texas Pete® products in unique ways. Our Texas Pete® TV segments showcase these operations, their chefs, and their amazing food, made with the bold, balanced flavor of Texas Pete.

Kitchen Hero Cook-Off – 2019

In the 7 years of our charity event, 28 top chain chefs have earned the distinction of competing in our . . . Keep Reading ►

Dreamland BBQ – A Texas Pete Film

Dreamland BBQ and Alabama Football go together just like Texas Pete and ribs. We paid a visit to Dreamland and learned the story of how the BBQ legend was built. Keep Reading ►

Roy Rogers Restaurants

The collaboration between Texas Pete® and Roy Rogers will challenge even the biggest . . . Keep Reading ►


When it comes to dramatic flavor, Texas Pete has enough to fill the biggest venues in the world. From the lustful combination of buttery heat to a love story of Southern proportions, the bold flavor of our products is showcased in this series of “Drama for Your Mouth” productions.

Texas Pete Wing Sauce – Drama For Your Mouth

Let Texas Pete Wing Sauce pleasure your tastebuds with the sensation of buttery heat! It’s . . . Keep Reading ►

Texas Pete Hot Sauce – Drama For Your Mouth

Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce—It’s a love story of Southern proportions; the romantic embrace of . . . Keep Reading ►

Texas Pete Garlic Hot Sauce – Drama For Your Mouth

Texas Pete Sautéed Garlic Flavor Hot Sauce helps you banish the threat of bland food with the . . . Keep Reading ►