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Texas Pete® is proud to offer an array of products that are sure to kick up the flavor of your creations. Our proprietary blends of pepper sauces are made for better cooking performance as an ingredient and irresistible flavor as a condiment. The Texas Pete® product line includes a variety of time- and labor-saving packaging, from portion control packets to ½ gallon and gallon jugs for back-of-house use.


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November 21, 2023

Takeout Growth Calls for More Flavor-Boosting Packets

Most restaurants report that their business is back to pre-COVID levels but there is an important consumer behavior to remember.  During COVID, sheltered consumers and restaurant...

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October 11, 2023
Texas Pete® offers three flavors of PC hot sauce, giving you more options.

Texas Pete® PC Hot Sauce Flavors Give You More Ways to Spice Up Your Menu

Smart operators may be trimming their menus for faster, easier service, but they are supplementing the reductions with simple flavor options that give the customer choices...

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