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Six Favorite Signature Sauces!

A new study by Datassentials surveyed operators on how they use condiments in their business. This data reveals that 54% of commercial restaurants are making at least one signature sauce in their kitchens, and 31% of operators say that they charge extra for these unique creations.

So, if you create just one signature sauce so versatile and tasty that you add a 50¢ upcharge and promote it on your menu. If you are a chain with as few as 10 locations, your promotion can become a new profit source by selling as few as 100 one-ounce servings daily. If you don’t regard the minimal ingredient and labor costs, you have just added $182,500 to your bottom line. Add three signature sauces, and you could be making an extra $547,500.

Signature sauces are a way to differentiate your menu and build brand alignment for your customers. You should consider the fact that many condiments you currently giveaway may be used as an ingredient in a signature sauce that can be used in unique sandwiches, salad dressings, and dips. For example, 74% of consumers say that their condiments are equally considered as dipping sauces for everything from fries to chicken tenders and other appetizers.

Nationwide, Sriracha Aioli has seen the fastest growth on restaurant menus, growing 24% in just one year and 250% since 2014. Our Texas Pete® Innovation Kitchen have whipped up some of these trending sauces into quick and easy recipes that you can use in your operation. All are built for one-gallon yields based on one-ounce servings.

Here are our latest creations served during our “Game-Changing Sauces” Innovation Session during Restaurant Directions Conference in Los Angeles. Download Them NOW.