A Half Dozen Hot Trends Uncovered At 2017 NRA Show
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April 19, 2017
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A Half Dozen Hot Trends Uncovered At 2017 NRA Show

National Restaurant Association

Our culinary team traversed miles of aisles at the 2017 National Restaurant Show in case you didn’t make this year’s event. Our mission was to bring you some of the neatest products and identify any trends emerging that can positively impact your business. Here are six that should be on your radar for hot trends:


More Better For You (BFY) Snacks –

Mix grab & go with the health craze and for purveyors from c-stores to sandwich shops and QSR we found even more reasons to consider adding BFY snacks.

One case in point was HippeasTM. Just seven years ago attorney Anish Sheth left his job to crank up a snack business featuring puffed organic chickpeas. Featuring all of the buzzwords of any self respecting snack food, the Hippeas team was sharing boxes and boxes worth of 1 oz. bags of the snacks in six flavors. Be on the lookout for more BFY snacks throughout 2017.


Hanging More To A Bloody

From the neat trick department comes SkewdatsTM, an easier way to hang more proteins, pickled veggies and more to bloody marys. A reinvention of an umbrella frame, the sturdy plastic frame opens for the bartender to add more goodies to a bloody mary to drive up the price one of Americas rediscovered cocktails. At around $7 a pop, Skewdats are meant to be uses over and over again after a wash for a bloody good time.


High 5 SaltsTM With Benefits

Chef Laura Romito parlayed her love of food science into an array of five flavored salts from her company, Food Geek Foods. Based on the five sensory areas of the tongue, the five flavors are simply sprinkled on foods to evoke neat flavor combinations such as sweet and tart, savory, etc. She even has a sodium-free salt for those looking to reduce their intake. Imagine five more shakers on the table or in the kitchen.


Ready To Eat Asian Noodles & Rice

Ajinomoto Windsor rolled out their new line of Amoy® Ready To Eat, heat and serve Asian noodles and rice at the NRA. From the company’s new food truck and at the Flavors In The Sky party co-sponsored by Texas Pete® these new pre-cooked, pre-portioned and frozen noodles and rice were a major hit with operators. Just drop them in boiling water for less than a minute and serve them up. The new line eliminates the time and hassle from one of the hottest trends in foodservice.


Full Belly® Nation 

America’s love affair with pickled veggies continues with more than cukes going into the jar. Our team ran across Full Belly’s line of delicious and natural pickled products on the show floor ranging from Cauliflower Crunch to Mariachi Mix. These are the next best thing of doing it yourself.


A Cheesy Folio

One tasty innovation discovered was Lotito Foods’ Cheese FoliosTM. Shaped like a tortilla and available in three flavors, these thin sheets of cheese can be used as the carrier for a wrap and a whole lot more. Drop them in a microwave for 30 seconds and drop them atop a bowl or other shapes to cool. Within seconds the cheese forms into the shape and can be used as a gluten-free, carb-free carrier for everything from salads to chips.