Bringing You Fresh Menu Ideas to Boost Your Business In ’22!
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November 15, 2021
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October 14, 2022

Bringing You Fresh Menu Ideas to Boost Your Business In ’22!

Innovating new twists on proven favorites is the path to successful menus for the new year. Texas Pete’s Test Kitchen spent the past year developing easy and ingenious ideas you can put on your menu all through 2022. Starting in March, we will share a bold new recipe idea each month that will support your business based on today’s landscape of ingredient shortages, cost increases, labor challenges and spicy goodness consumers love.

Our criteria were:

  1. The Idea Has Less Than 5 Ingredients! We know that staffing your kitchens and ingredient shortages are making it tough for an operator. Thus, the recipe ideas that we will share have fewer common ingredients that are easy and affordable to source.
  2. The Ideas Are Inspired by Trending Flavors for 2022. We know operators will value innovation that is focused on proven winning menu items. Adding some thoughtful flair to proven winners can assure that these menu items will be a customer favorite.
  3. It’s Got to Travel. Certainly, for most operators, transportability is always important. The ongoing need for social distance has made it equally important as demands for takeout and delivery options increased. Our menu ideas will be built for the road!
  4. It Has to Make Prep in The Kitchen Easy, With Less Training Needed

We know that labor is hard to come by and training new kitchen staff is costly and time consuming. That’s why our fresh recipe ideas are quick and easy to prepare to help reduce labor and serve time.

We will alert you every month with a brand-new breakthrough menu idea to meet your needs so watch for our latest additions. You will also be able to download each monthly recipe from our website.

Here’s an example of what’s in store. Our trend worthy inspiration is to help you capture the still high demand for anything “Nashville Hot” (up 33% in the past year and up 368% in the past four years*). We will recommend a money saving protein cut that will save cost and how, with only four ingredients, you can craft your own Nashville Hot dishes the easy way.

*Datassential, 2022