May 8, 2024

Here’s Why a Bottle of Texas Pete® Hot Sauce Should Be on Your Tables

In the post-pandemic world, where customers love grabbing an extra kick of flavor for their menu at restaurant tables, more operators are choosing a bottle of...

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April 8, 2024
College students in a cafeteria with focus on blonde female at salad bar

4 Ways Texas Pete® Keeps Campus Diners Smiling

For students always on the move, Texas Pete® for foodservice adds that essential kick of flavor to their meals. A Datassential survey reveals that 65% of Americans enjoy hot sauce, with Gen Z and Gen X showing the strongest preference.
April 5, 2024

What’s The Right Level of Heat for Menu Items to Grow Your Sales? Here Are Some Answers.

Determining your core customer’s demographic is key in picking menu items and condiments. Datassential surveyed consumers, and the results make it clear 65% of Americans surveyed...

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March 6, 2024

Want to Attract Younger Food Customers? Offer Texas Pete®

Your foodservice menu options remain a top priority for luring gas customers inside your stores. New consumer research finds that one smart tactic is to promote...

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