Heating Up Your Menu For Big Game & Holiday Occasions
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October 21, 2019
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January 29, 2020

Heating Up Your Menu For Big Game & Holiday Occasions

If you are in the pizza business or have menu items such as wings, BBQ or fried chicken, you know that some of the busiest days are quickly approaching. From New Year’s Eve to college and professional bowl games, Valentine’s Day and March Madness, these events are loaded with opportunity.

As an example, just one major pizza chain sells two million pizzas on the NFL’s Big Game Day – 40% more than a typical Sunday. Check out these simple tips for delivery and take-out that can help get your first quarter of the new year off to a hot start:

  1. Sporting Events Start With Sharable Spicy Flavor – A new Datassential report found that 24% of Americans are consuming more hot sauce than they did in 2018 at home. Add value to your delivery and takeout-centric promotions by including PCs or plastic mini-bottles of Texas Pete® Hot Sauce with their orders.
  2. Now Is The Time For A Spicy Signature Sauce – An easy combination of a mayo or ranch dressing with Texas Pete® Hot Sauce or CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce can create amazing “crave” for your menu. Prepping gallon-size batches of these signature sauces and loading them in 32-ounce squeeze bottles makes applying the sauce to a burger or chicken sandwich as a condiment easy! Another tip is to fill plastic ramekins as a dipping sauce for your bar menu or take-out and add an upcharge for them.
  3. Don’t Fear Spicy Entrees – Datassential surveyed consumers on the matter and 82% of them said they loved spicy flavor. While 28% said they preferred a moderately spicy flavor, another 18% said “the spicier the better”. Also consider a spicy flavor that is balanced by sweetness, which is preferred by another 18% of consumers. Choose Texas Pete® Fiery Sweet Sauce that combines the flavor of honey and molasses with aged cayenne peppers. 

With these important tips you can finalize your plans for Q1 sales success by leveraging the appeal of spicy goodness. Texas Pete® is the fastest growing retail brand of hot sauce in the U.S. among the top 10 brands*. Thus, consumers know and love Texas Pete® and expect “their” brand to be offered by your operation. Remember, you can cash in on rebates of up to $500 on Texas Pete® products purchased by Dec. 31st as you stock up for a long season ahead. Download your rebate form now.