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November 30, 2022
Hot Chicken Remains a Hot Item. Texas Pete® Make It Easy.
March 8, 2023

The 5 Keys to Off-Premise Business in 2023

Off-premise business is a priority for most operators for 2023. Here’s why you should put the pedal to the metal for more off-premise business with Texas Pete® Hot Sauce.

1. Larger Orders

Orders are larger on average when menu items are to go. When customers are dining in, they may feel constrained by time or the need to finish their meal quickly. As a result, they may order smaller portions or fewer items. When ordering for takeout or delivery, however, there is no time pressure, and customers may be more inclined to order more items or larger portions. This can translate into higher sales for the restaurant. When you choose the big brand name of Texas Pete® with your PCs, they know the flavor will be there.

2. Reduce Workload

Portion control packaging allows for easy clean up and less work for the restaurant employee assembling the meal. When customers dine in, the restaurant employees must clean and reset tables after each party leaves. This can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. With off-premise orders, there is no need to worry about table service, and the restaurant can simply focus on preparing the food and packaging it for pickup or delivery. This can save time and reduce the workload for restaurant staff.

3.Profitable Add-ons

It’s easy to promote profitable add-ons which are more likely to be added with online orders. When customers place an order online or through a restaurant’s app, they may be presented with the option to add on additional items, such as drinks, desserts, or side dishes. These add-ons can be more profitable for the restaurant, as they may have a higher markup than the main menu items. By promoting these options online, restaurants can encourage more customers to make these purchases.

4. Multitasking Made Easy

Off-premise orders can also be easier for restaurant staff to manage, as they can handle multiple tasks at once. For example, a server can take orders at the takeout window, prepare drinks, and package orders for pickup or delivery all at the same time. This can help to streamline the process and reduce the workload for individual staff members. Texas Pete® Hot Sauce PCs save staff time compared to filling plastic ramekins.

5. Longer term benefits

Off premise business allows for less dine-in and the reduction of the size of the restaurant footprint. As off-premise orders become more popular, restaurants may be able to reduce the size of their dining rooms or eliminate them altogether (becoming a ghost or virtual kitchen). This can lead to cost savings in terms of rent and utilities, as well as reduced labor costs. Keep in mind, it helps to have dedicated parking for off premise ordering. In the long run, this shift towards off-premise business can be a win-win for both restaurants and customers.

Whether it’s a Texas Pete® dip cup or sauce packet, your customers will be able to enjoy bold flavor for a better on-the-go dining experience—anywhere, at any time. Ask your broker for the #1 portion control hot sauce and request a free sample today!