Operators’ Expect Increased Emphasis Heading into 2023? More Takeout & Delivery in 2023
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October 14, 2022
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November 30, 2022

Operators’ Expect Increased Emphasis Heading into 2023? More Takeout & Delivery in 2023

Datassential surveyed chain and independent operators on the directions they are taking to address three major challenges they face heading into 2023. It’s an important survey to clarify the direction of an industry with headwinds not likely to subside through next year.

It all boils down to three main issues. A continued labor shortage and the hassle of constant turnover and higher wages, inflation in food costs, and a shaky supply chain.

The 3-pronged whammy was found in the new survey of operators.

While food cost inflation was first on the minds of foodservice pros, the three-headed beast of costs, labor, and reliable product deliveries have operators headed toward fresh solutions in the new year. 

One of the most important is an increased emphasis on off-premises delivery and takeout. Combined with finding solutions to eliminate margin-busting third-party delivery costs, operators are funding their delivery and mobile ordering plans for 2023 and menus that now have a new metric of “transportability.” 

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The most important trend in the survey is increased focus on takeout and delivery.


Overall, attitudes have turned toward labor-saving prepared foods and the versatility of ingredients to address multiple menu applications for quickly cooking something deliciously unique—both top of mind for chain menu developers and independents heading toward the new year. Portion control is likewise a top priority for 2023.

Labor-saving, versatile ingredients are top of mind among foodservice operators.


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Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce 7-gram PCs are available in 200 and 500 ct. cases.

The good news is that by a slim majority, operators say their gross sales now exceed their pre-COVID levels. Squeezing profit margins is the real challenge for 2023.

More than half of operators report gross sales now are above pre-pandemic levels.

As you finalize your plan for 2023, double-check your PCs and your easy, exciting menu items to pre-load success, and don’t forget the Texas Pete® so that you can Sauce Like You Mean It!™