Profile: Chad Trader – C-Store and Military Sales – Garner Foods
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July 22, 2021
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September 16, 2021

Profile: Chad Trader – C-Store and Military Sales – Garner Foods

Through the past year, Garner Foods has been growing their market in key segments that have seen the difference in how we operate our business. Through that growth, we’ve had the opportunity to bring in new professionals to help us continue to provide exceptional support and service to our partners. At the beginning of this year, Chad Trader joined our team to provide important oversight as our new Associate Sales Manager for the Military and Convenience Store market segments. We had an opportunity to talk with Chad about his background and what he envisions for the future of Garner Foods in these market sectors.

Brashears: When did you begin working for Garner Foods?

Chad: I started on January 1, 2021, just getting into it. Really excited about the opportunity!

Brashears: What attracted you to the Garner Foods organization?

Chad: I could tell that they really were a team and had a strong connection with one another and enjoy working together. That’s something that most professionals really hopes for in whatever organization they find themselves, and it just seemed like Garner was doing a lot of that right.

Brashears: What was your prior experience before coming to Garner Foods?

Chad: I was working in the wholesale distribution sector on the C-store (Convenience Store) side. So, I interacted with the Garner team at their events and was really attracted by how they seemed to work together and with their industry partners. They seemed to have a lot of genuine concern for supporting each other and helping the industry as well.

Brashears: What do you love about working in the food industry?

Chad: I love food! Ha-ha. I cooked in restaurants through college and thought that was the path I was going to take. I realized that chef hours were rough, but always enjoyed being close to food. So, I transitioned to the industry side and have been there ever since.

Brashears: If Garner Foods was a sports team (any sport), who would they be and why?

Chad: I’m a golf fan and I think it’s like a Ryder Cup team. There are individual strengths and skills that each player brings to the event, but they work together in a strategic way to bring a win together.

Brashears: What are your favorite ways to unwind and recharge?

Chad: I’ve been blessed to live on the water in North Carolina and love to go boating and fishing whenever I can.

Brashears: What’s your favorite way to help or inspire other professionals around you?

Chad: I like to provide as much support as I can. I have great intuition to help people find and get what they need to succeed.

Brashears: What is your favorite food or cuisine?

Chad: I like it all. Any kind of barbecue or outside cooking opportunities are a lot of fun.

Brashears: What are your top 3 favorite places to travel?

Chad: We love tropical locations. One of our favorite places is the US Virgin Islands, but I also love the sand bar right down the intercoastal from where I live in North Carolina.

Brashears: What is a professional goal you have for 2021?

Chad: I can’t wait to meet everyone I work with after the isolation. I just want to build off the great C-Store reputation that Garner has and help all my clients reach their respective goals.

Brashears: What was the last Garner Foods product you used?

Chad: CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce on a sandwich I just had today.

Brashears: If you could have been born in any era of history, what would you choose and why?

Chad: I’d like to see the US in the pioneering era. That part of our history has always been interesting to me.

Brashears: What was the last thing (podcast, book, speaker, etc.) that really inspired you?

Chad: I listened to a podcast with Elon Musk recently, and it was really inspiring. Just the passion, drive, and belief he has is incredible and infectious.

Brashears: If you were going to write a book, or some other piece of media, what would it be about?

Chad: I would write about fishing. It really is a passion of mine. I love learning new things and sharing what I’ve learned with others.

Brashears: What are you binge watching right now?

Chad: We’ve been doing a lot of home remodeling. So, no real binge watching, just a lot of HGTV shows and DIY programs. They make it look so easy, lol.

Brashears: What is your favorite musical artist?

Chad: I’ve really gotten into Chris Stapleton these days. For my all-time favorite, my family was always into Motown and early rock.



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By David Brashears, Public Relations Director