Stay Ahead of Flavor Trends to Boost Your Business! Count on Texas Pete®
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September 11, 2020
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October 6, 2020

Stay Ahead of Flavor Trends to Boost Your Business! Count on Texas Pete®

C-stores started shifting to flavor early this summer to help recover from any sales lost due to COVID-19. The common denominator is food innovation centered around unique sauces for sandwiches and other to-go menu items.

Texas Pete® is a go-to brand due to our instant brand appeal with customers and because our sauces add a spicy kick without overpowering the flavor with too much heat.

Below are examples of how some c-stores use spicy flavor to power their success in 2020.

WaWa’s Southern Hot Honey Chicken Hoagie, $3.69

Spicy sweet heat mixed with tangy pickles ignite the taste buds in this play on a chicken sandwich.


Getgo’s Smokestack Sandwich, $4.99

This sandwich features slow-smoked pork, piled on a brioche bun, and topped with a zesty chipotle sauce and crispy onion straws.


Maverick’s BonFire Tangy BBQ Steak & Potato Burrito, $4.99

Your basic meat and potatoes, plus a tangy BBQ sauce make this menu item ready for the road.


Speedway’s Blazin’ BBQ Bourbon Chicken Tornadoes, $1.99

Create a go-to favorite with this roller grill product along with a side of bourbon BBQ sauce for dipping.


These few examples show how flavor can complement your next sandwich and other to-go menu items. By getting a jumpstart on your 2021, you can boost your sales with walk-in traffic who are looking for new and unique flavors.

When considering new flavor combinations, Texas Pete® should be at the top of your list! Mix any of our sauces with ranch dressing, mayo, honey and other common ingredients to create a unique sauce.
Take a look at 16 exceptional sauce recipes and a calculator that lets you see the sales potential for adding flavorful sauces to your menu.