Stock Up on Texas Pete® PCs And Get Ready for A Spicy 2021.
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Stock Up on Texas Pete® PCs And Get Ready for A Spicy 2021.

Portion control condiments (PCs) have never played a more important role in foodservice as they have in 2020. As we look for things to improve in 2021, it’s certain that continued health concerns will maintain an emphasis on take-out, delivery and drive-thru until an effective and broad-reaching treatment plan is put in place.

Operators continue to experience significant supply chain issues involving PC products because demand has continued to outpace production’s ability to supply PCs for the new take-out and delivery environment. However, Texas Pete® was firmly established as the nation’s number one producer of PC hot sauce packets long before the current industry issues. Plant personnel work overtime to assure a consistent supply and quality to consumers. Thus, distributors turned to Texas Pete® to fill the void when other manufacturers could not meet the demand or had recurring issues with leaking PCs or low product quality. Below are five important facts to support why using Texas Pete® PCs is the smart choice for your business next year.

  1. The Demand for Spicy Foods Grew 7% In Just the Last Year. Datassential reports show an increase of mentions for “hot sauce” on restaurant menus by +7% between 2019 and 2020.

Spicy food on menus will continue to grow in 2021, and CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce is available in PC packets.

  1. 60% Of Consumers Prefer Portion Control Condiments** With Their Meal. Fears of contamination challenged operators to look at alternatives for tabletop condiments. Restaurants who shifted to take-out, drive-thru and delivery options have also needed to make the switch to PCs. That demand will only continue next year as consumers become more entrenched in their newly developed dining habits.

  1. Factory-Produced PCs Save Time, Labor & Mess. Consumers prefer them over plastic ramekins with lids** because they lower concerns over possible contamination. Smart operators prefer them compared to kitchen or wait staff filling ramekins and securing them with tape to save time and labor costs. PCs are also an easy option for dine-in customers.

  1. Consumers Are Craving Spicy World Flavors! Datassential reports that consumers are getting restless at home and hungry for more diverse global cuisine. At the top of the list is Mexican with Seafood and Asian cuisine not far behind**. Most cuisines shown on the chart below are spicy-centric in their flavors. For example, near the top of the list of the cuisines that are craved is pizza. Nearly half of all pizza delivery orders include a customer request for PC condiments**. Texas Pete® offers three flavors of PC packet hot sauces, including CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce and ¡SABOR! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce as well as Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce.

It’s the foods and flavors that customers are wanting during the COVID pandemic.

  1. Big Brands Are Better with Consumers. Texas Pete® Is Still The Fastest Growing Hot Sauce Brand in the U.S.! – Datassential consumer surveys say in these uncertain times, consumers prefer familiar brands with their orders. Because Texas Pete® has been the PC packet for major national chains for more than a decade, it’s a trusted brand that consumers know and love. It has also been one of the fastest growing hot sauce brands purchased by consumers at supermarkets during the pandemic***.

Garner Foods® pledges to do its part in maintaining a reliable supply of Texas Pete® PCs for your take-out and drive-thru business. If you are planning your menu for 2021, now is a great time to discuss your plans with a Garner Foods Broker or your Garner Foods Regional Sales Manager now.

*NPD 2020

**Datassential, 2020