3 Spicy Tips to Build a Winning Off-Premises Business
Texas Pete® Is the Perfect Ingredient for Success… In Industrial Quantities
February 12, 2020
Profile: Ann Garner Riddle – President & CEO of Garner Foods
March 10, 2021

3 Spicy Tips to Build a Winning Off-Premises Business

A recent Datassential survey of consumers during social distancing found that one of the things they missed most was the signature sauces of their favorite restaurant. Below are ideas that can help place your operation at the top of the list of dining options to speed up your business recovery plan.

Add More Branded Sauces to Your Menu

Texas Pete® led the customized sauce movement long before the current outbreak disrupted traditional restaurant business. Today, sauces that are unique to your brand are even more important as a potential revenue stream when offered as  dipping sauce or to differentiate a menu item.

Creating a unique branded sauce is a way to set your menu items apart from the competition. For a quick start to creating your own exclusive sauce line up, we offer 16 quick and easy recipes.

Stainless Steel Ramekins for Sauces Promote Sustainability

A major consumer concern is the mountains of packaging waste adding up with the growth of take-out and delivery orders since the coronavirus outbreak. By investing in stainless steel ramekins, operators send a positive message when providing condiments in ramekins for dine-in customers. Texas Pete® offers pumps for gallon jugs that makes back-of-house filling of ramekins easy.

Portion Control Packets as Contact-Free Condiments

Whether they are for delivery and take-out, catering or dine-in, portion control (PCs) offer customers a feeling that the condiments you provide are contact-free. The Texas Pete® brand is the fastest growing hot sauce brand in both dollar and unit sales in retail*. Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce PCs are offered by some of the nation’s top chains so you know your customers will know and love our brand. CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce and ¡SABOR! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce PCs offer variety for your menu or cuisine.  

*IRI, Total U.S. Retail, 12 weeks, 4-28-20