Why Do Top Chains Toss In Texas Pete® PCs For ‘On The Go’ Flavor?
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February 19, 2020
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May 7, 2020

Why Do Top Chains Toss In Texas Pete® PCs For ‘On The Go’ Flavor?

Texas Pete® is the fastest growing hot sauce sold at supermarkets among the top five brands*. Consumers know and love Texas Pete® products because the brand stands for quality. From the brand’s unique CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce to ¡SABOR! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce, and Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce, there’s a flavor built for almost any taste!

Portion control is essential in today’s environment. A recent study of operations by Datassential found that 85% of restaurants offer takeout, and 37% offer delivery to their customers.  A deeper look into the data provides important insights into the demand for spicy condiments. These can be grouped into three strategic imperatives:

  1. Operators Need More Portion Control Sauces
  2. Operators Want More Bottle Size Options of Sauces
  3. Operators Desire More Flavors of Classic Sauces

Why hot sauce PCs? A Datassential survey found that 50% of consumers are already using hot sauce at home. The survey of 1,100 consumers found that 40% said that they use hot sauce at home at least once a week. That’s more than BBQ sauce, salsa or steak sauce! Another 43% say they primarily reach for hot sauce at their favorite restaurants. Thus, a majority of consumers use hot sauce, and look for it when they order food from a restaurant.

Gen Z and Millennials lead in the demand for spicier flavors. Within the two demographics 25% of respondents said they want their food to be “as spicy as possible.” Only 18% of consumers said that they prefer their food to be “not spicy at all.”

35% of consumers say that they are consuming more sriracha sauce this year compared to last year. Yet, when operators were polled, only 44% of them currently offer a sriracha sauce. Therefore, offering CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce to your customers is a competitive flavor advantage!

Meanwhile, 75% of operators say they offer a hot sauce to their customers—led by retailers, such as convenience stores and supermarket delis, at 78%. In all, 32% of operators said they were buying more hot sauce compared to a year ago.

Operators know the importance of spicy sauces. In fact, 36% of operators said that “sauces are important to drive profitability.” More importantly, 56% affirmed the ability to cross-utilize sauces in the creation of their menu items is important. Texas Pete® sauces are available in gallon and ½ gallon jugs, 6 and 12 oz. bottles for tables, dispensers for condiment stations, and 7-gram PCs.

The type of cuisine can also increase the importance of hot sauce PCs. Fried chicken, wings, BBQ, and pizza are all menu items that frequently have customers adding hot sauce to enhance flavor. Because these types of menu items lend themselves to drive thru, takeout, and catering, it’s easy to see why operators are wanting to toss in more hot sauce PCs for their off-premise orders.

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*IRI, Total U.S. Food, Jan. 9, 2020