4 Ways Texas Pete® Keeps Campus Diners Smiling
College students in a cafeteria with focus on blonde female at salad bar
4 Ways Texas Pete® Keeps Campus Diners Smiling
April 8, 2024
Texas Pete® is the perfect hot sauce for healthcare operators.
Texas Pete® is the Right Choice for Healthcare Operators
May 20, 2024

4 Ways Texas Pete® Keeps Campus Diners Smiling

College students in a cafeteria with focus on blonde female at salad bar

For students always on the move, Texas Pete® adds that essential kick of flavor to their meals.

It’s clear: hot sauce is a campus favorite. From Gen Z undergrads to Millennial grad students and Gen X faculty, everyone appreciates a bit of spice. Texas Pete® stands out as the top choice for enhancing your menu with just the right amount of heat. A Datassential survey reveals that 65% of Americans enjoy hot sauce, with Gen Z and Gen X showing the strongest preference. Texas Pete® caters to this demand with a range of sauces, each offering different heat levels and convenient packaging options.

Dataessentials bar graph on foodservice hot sauce trends

Key Foodservice Hot Sauce Insights:

Packaging Prowess: Packaging matters for colleges and universities. Texas Pete® leads the pack with versatile options that meet every need, as confirmed by foodservice operator surveys.

Hot Sauce usage graph for foodservice segments

Portion Control Perfection: Operators prefer portion control options, and Texas Pete® delivers with 7-gram packets and 1 oz. dipping cups, making it America’s #1 choice in portion-controlled hot sauce. Our lineup includes CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce, ¡SABOR! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce, Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce, and coming in Q3, Texas Pete® Hotter Hot Sauce.

Texas Pete® is the only hot sauce brand offering four flavors of 7-gram PCs with varying levels of heat.
three flavors of Texas Pete hot sauce pumps for the foodservice industry

Dispense with Ease: Texas Pete® dispensers offer a hassle-free solution for busy dining areas, reducing cleanup and refill time. Currently, a $90 purchase of a dispenser comes with two complimentary cases of half-gallon sauce – a deal not to be missed.

Bottle Service: 75% of operators are leaning towards or already using branded bottles. Texas Pete® offers 18-oz squeeze bottles and traditional glass options, perfect for a variety of dining settings.

College breakfast bar and plate with a human hand reaching for a bottle of Cha Sriracha by Texas Pete
Half-full gallon jug of Texas Pete hot sauce sitting on a foodservice prep table with workers assembling dishes in the background

Back-of-House Brilliance: From wings to international dishes, Texas Pete has an extensive sauce range that serves as a versatile ingredient for your kitchen. It also offers support like staff training videos for seamless integration into your menu.

Texas Pete® not only enhances flavor across your dining options but also offers savings through the Foodservice Rewards and Texas Pete® Loyalty Program, with opportunities to earn points or cash rebates up to $500 twice a year.