A Universally Loved Flavor That Adds Versatility Across Your Menu.
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January 14, 2022
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May 4, 2022

A Universally Loved Flavor That Adds Versatility Across Your Menu.

If doing more with fewer ingredients is your mission this year, we have a winner. Our Texas Pete® Test Kitchen has been working on quick and easy tweaks to delicious recipes with the newest addition of our Blazing Honey Mustard Sauce. Here’s why you should try it and how to make it for your summertime menus today.

Honey mustard is already on 24%* of all restaurant menus and it continues to grow. One reason is its versatility across a traditional menu from sandwiches to salads, sides, and appetizers.

Datassential is seeing double-digit growth among these fried vegetable appetizers.

Among the fastest growing fried veggie appetizers, honey mustard is an ideal dip for everything from cauliflower and broccoli to fried pickles. Yet, its sweet spot is in flavoring up main dish favorites, such as chicken tenders, sandwiches, and chicken-centric salads.

Making a signature honey mustard with some kick elevates your menu and can set you apart from your competitors. Texas Pete® has its own unique Honey Mustard Sauce that’s an ideal solution.

Sweet and tangy, Texas Pete® Honey Mustard sauce is available in packaging for back of house, tabletop and takeout and delivery options.

Our honey mustard is unique because its formula is vinegar-based rather than using mayo as a foundation for a Southern flare that is tangy without a lot of heat. Whether for takeout and delivery–via a new 1 oz. dipping cup–or a gallon jug for back of house, operators can differentiate their honey mustard offering instantly using Texas Pete® Honey Mustard Sauce.

Spicing it up is also easy by adding just three additional ingredients and some Texas Pete® Dust Dry Seasoning. Here’s a quick video on just how simple creating your own signature spicy honey mustard can be!

This new Texas Pete® Blazing Honey Mustard may be your biggest find in sauces this summer. It is part of our 2022 series of “Simple As” easy recipes we will share all year long. Find this and other simple recipes on our website. Remember, you can also save up to $500 in rebates on Texas Pete® products now through June 30th. Just go online and download your rebate form now.

*Datassential March 2022