Here’s How to Boost Flavor with Common Ingredients
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March 8, 2023
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July 5, 2023

Here’s How to Boost Flavor with Common Ingredients

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Foodservice operators are finding new ways to simplify their menus without compromising quality and flavor. The tough labor market and food ingredient costs mean many are finding new ways to get more from common pantry ingredients with simple, two to four-ingredient recipes for custom sauces.

The Texas Pete® Test Kitchen chefs have been working overtime in developing custom sauces that are full of flavor and can be used on multiple menu items with just a few ingredients. For example, their “Hot & Bleu” sauce can light up a salad, serve as a dip for wings or chicken tenders and make a burger something special. Whisking Texas Pete® Extra Mild Wing Sauce with bleu cheese can make a batch to cover a day’s menu in just a few minutes.

Just two ingredients can create a custom sauce your customers will love.

overhead view of a ramekin of custom sauce

Texas Pete® Giddy Up Sauce can be made in minutes with multiple menu applications.

overhead view of a ramekin of giddy up sauce

Another crowd-pleaser is Texas Pete® “Giddy Up” Sauce. Using the bold flavor of ¡SABOR! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce with mayo, sour cream, and some horseradish can cover multiple menu items with glorious flavor made in minutes.

The success of Texas Pete® simple recipes found foodservice directors asking for even more, so we’ve built a collection of even more quick and easy recipes for you. We call it our Simple As Collection. More than a dozen recipes take less than 10 minutes with five or fewer ingredients. These recipes are on-trend and delicious. For example, according to Datassential, hot honey has grown on menus by +20% in the last year and +89% since 2018.

The collection includes a quick prep training video for kitchen staff and a downloadable recipe sheet to keep handy. Explore the Simple As collection to find the right custom sauce recipe for your next great menu items.

If kitchen efficiency is a big priority for you, make recipes simple with common ingredients that are deliciously versatile.

Texas Pete® Hotter Hot Honey recipe is on-trend and delicious.

stack of waffles with butter and hotter hot honey drizzle