How Texas Pete® Hot Sauce Is Powering Up Food Sales in C-Store
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February 19, 2020
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April 21, 2020

How Texas Pete® Hot Sauce Is Powering Up Food Sales in C-Store

Why do popular chicken-centric restaurant chains count on Texas Pete® Hot Sauce to add spicy goodness to their menu? Because Texas Pete® offers a medium level of heat that consumers know and love in a variety of flavors. With c-stores now challenging restaurants for their fair share of foodservice sales, it’s the right time to take a deeper dive into hot sauce as a condiment and Texas Pete®. Here are three things to know about hot sauce and the legendary Texas Pete® brand:

  1. Overall, 71% of restaurants offer at least one menu item described as “spicy. Gen Z and Millennial consumers are most likely to love spicier items while Boomers prefer a medium level of heat according to foodservice research firm, Datassential. From Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce, with a medium level of spiciness, to Texas Pete® Hotter Hot Sauce (a spicier option) there is a level of flavorful heat that’s right for any targeted demographic.
  2. Texas Pete® is the leader in portion control (PC) packet hot sauce. Because most food at a c-store is consumed away from the store, PCs are an essential condiment option. Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce, ¡SABOR! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce and CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce are available in 7-gram PCs. Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce is also available it 1.69-oz. plastic resealable bottles. Ideal for family meal deals or as an impulse buy item in the foodservice or check-out counter, the bottles are a welcome addition to any c-store that is out to serve spicy flavor in their food.
  3. Texas Pete® is the essential ingredient to a “signature sauce” that can create a tasty unique item on your menu. With only minimal labor involved, operators are combining a Texas Pete® product with mayo, ranch dressing and other common pantry items to craft a sauce that they can call their own. A spicy ranch or sriracha mayo sauce can enhance any sandwich or become a dip-worthy sauce for chicken tenders and other on-the-go foods.

Many operators now add an upcharge to their signature sauces that are provided in plastic ramekins with lids for takeout. Texas Pete® offers a collection of more than a dozen of the top trending signature sauces that yield one gallon for loading into squeeze bottles so that your team can easily add the signature sauce to a sandwich or fill a plastic ramekin. You can likewise easily calculate the added annual sales that you can enjoy by either adding 25 or 50¢ to a sandwich or by selling your signature sauces individually.   

Some of the top c-store chains in the U.S. already embrace the Texas Pete® brand as their hot sauce products for PCs and back-of-house menu preparations. Others have also embraced Texas Pete® Salsa as an ingredient for their menus.

The Texas Pete® brand is one that consumers know and love. According to IRI retail sales data, Texas Pete® is the fastest growing hot sauce in America among the top five brands*! Now is the time to turn up the heat in your foodservice sales by adding Texas Pete® to your condiment offering.

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*IRI, Retail Sales Data, Past 12 weeks, Jan. 6, 2020