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April 21, 2020
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August 10, 2020

Our Top 5 Flavor Ideas For C-Store Foodservice!

Texas Pete® is the fastest growing hot sauce purchased at supermarkets among the top five brands in the U.S.*. Whenever they can, we’ve seen c-store customers reach for the Texas Pete® when they buy their foods on-the-go. Here’s a countdown on our Top 5 Flavor Recommendations for C-Stores in 2020:


#5 Flavor Heats Up An Impulse Buy

Texas Pete® perfected portable flavor with its 1.69 oz. plastic resealable bottle. When it added a dozen to a small footprint merchandiser for checkout, we knew it would be perfect for c-stores who serve spicy goodness! Great for grab & go, glove boxes, backpacks, or purses, this resealable bottle is perfect for those who wish to apply flavor wherever they go. Reach out to our c-store specialist for more information.


#4 Create A Signature Sauce All Your Own


The easiest way to create a custom flavor that stands for your brand is to rely on Texas Pete®. A few minutes of mixing one or two common ingredients with a Texas Pete® product creates an upscale flavor for sandwiches, salads, wraps, bowls, and dipping that people will crave. Load the sauce in a plastic ramekin with a lid and it can change the dynamic from a condiment you give away to one that creates new revenue. Find 16 great signature sauce recipes and calculate the revenue potential now.  



#3 ¡SABOR! Anywhere They Want It

¡SABOR! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce connects with your customers in so many shapes and sizes. This special blend of sautéed garlic, aged peppers, chili powder and cumin is one of our best! Available in 7 gram PCs, ½ gallon plastic jug for back-of-house creations, and yes… a 5 oz. bottle for their glove box! Learn more now.


#2 Fried Chicken Was Made for Texas Pete®

Want to make a name for your chain with a spicy fried chicken? You came to the right place, thanks to Texas Pete®! The fact is, fried chicken-centric restaurant chains are projected to be #1 in sales growth this year. Whether they marinate raw chicken in Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce, or offer a Texas Pete® sauce in a PC, many of them serve Texas Pete®. The BIG idea? Add Texas Pete® DUST Dry Seasoning in your breading and turn up the heat on your chicken, fries, or anything else you add a shake of it to! Learn more now about DUST!


#1 Kick Up The Heat With Texas Pete® PCs

Texas Pete® is the top provider of portion control packets to the c-store and restaurant industry. Whether it’s the on-trend flavor of CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce, ¡SABOR! By Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce or Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce, these PCs let your customer choose their own ideal flavor for the food you serve! Download your $1000 Rebate Coupon now and save on any Texas Pete® product.

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*IRI, Retail Sales Data, Past 12 weeks, Jan. 6, 2020