Spice Up Your School Lunch Program This Fall with Bold, Exciting Flavors!
From gallons to bottles or packets, CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce offers versatile options and exceptional flavor.
Our Sriracha Sauce is Perfect for Your Operation
June 28, 2024

Spice Up Your School Lunch Program This Fall with Bold, Exciting Flavors!

Make plans to add more kick to your back-to-school menu with help from the #1 hot sauce* in portion control packets—Texas Pete®! With a variety of flavors and levels of heat in convenient portion control packets, it’s easy.

School lunch programs count on Texas Pete® for accessible solutions that give students the freedom to spice up their meals any way they choose. Staged at your condiment station or along your tray line, students can add spicy goodness to everything from chicken nuggets to pizza, burritos, and much more. They are also great for school breakfasts and after-school snacks.

Students know and love the brand because some of America’s top restaurants serve Texas Pete packets. Many students also enjoy bottles of Texas Pete on their dinner tables at home.

Best of all, Texas Pete® offers four options in 7-gram PCs for your school lunch program. Here’s a quick look at the differences in each.

CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce 7-gram Packet

Anything Asian on your menu is perfect for adding a bold, sweet, and spicy flare. Featuring a tantalizing kick of 1,400–2,900 Scoville Units CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce has fewer preservatives than other brands. While other brands of sriracha sauce are in short supply or don’t offer their sriracha sauce in packets, Texas Pete® has a plentiful supply in both packets, 18-ounce squeeze bottles, or ½-gallon jugs for your kitchen.

¡SABOR! By Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce 7-gram Packet

This delicious hot sauce was crafted to be the perfect addition to any menu item, but it is especially good with burritos, tacos, enchiladas, or nachos. Its recipe for flavor includes sautéed garlic, cumin, chili powder, and sea salt, and it has between 340 and 740 Scoville Units. 

Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce 7-gram Packet

Tried and true, it is the flagship flavor of the Texas Pete® brand and the most popular in K-12. At between 340–740 Scoville Units, every student will love the bold and balanced flavor on everything on your menu. Stock up now before the fall rush of students back to school.

Texas Pete Hotter Hot SauceNEW! Texas Pete® Hotter Hot Sauce

Dial up the heat while savoring the same signature flavor as our Original Hot Sauce. With a Scoville heat level of 3,000-3,500, Texas Pete® Hotter Hot Sauce blends aged peppers and vinegar to perfection, ideal for adding a kick to consumer favorites like breakfast sandwiches, house-made dips, and so much more!


Students LOVE to Dip. We Have The Solutions!

Honey Mustard Sauce, Wing Sauce, Original Hot Sauce, and BBQ Sauce are available in 1oz. Dipping Cups.

The Texas Pete® line of 1oz. Dipping Cups are ideal for K-12.

Dipping foods in the lunchroom brings big-time joy to the meal. Texas Pete® has an easy solution in its 1-oz. Dipping Cups. Choose from Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustard Sauce, and Wing Sauce. Also, ½ gallon and gallon jugs are ideal for back-of-house preparations for everything from spicy wings to BBQ and even spicy Italian dishes. Check out the complete line of available sauces.


Let Them Pump Up the Flavor with Texas Pete® Dispensers

These dispensers are easy to clean and maintain for staff or public feeding areas.

These dispensers are easy to clean and maintain for staff or public feeding areas.

Texas Pete dispensers reduce time and clean-up and simply use ½ gallon jugs of sauce inside. Ideal for middle school and high school condiment stations, they’re a great way to elevate your service easily. A special offer is now available. When you purchase a $90 dispenser, Texas Pete® will include two free cases of the ½ gallon sauce of your choice or order all three. Simply download the order form now for this money-saving deal.


*NPD, May 2024