Texas Pete® GiftAMeal® Helps You Directly Contribute to Feeding the Hungry
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October 14, 2022
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Texas Pete® GiftAMeal® Helps You Directly Contribute to Feeding the Hungry

1 Food Photo = 1 Meal Donated to Your Local Food Bank

Garner Foods®, the makers of Texas Pete® Hot Sauce, has launched a unique program supporting the company’s commitment to feeding the hungry through food banks across America. The first-of-its-kind process for customers to gift up to four meals to their local food bank, paid for by Garner Foods®, uses a system pioneered by GiftAMeal®. The Texas Pete® GiftAMeal Program offers a special opportunity for partnering restaurant chains and non-commercial operators to easily support the social cause.

“Garner Foods has always been committed to helping feed the hungry,” says Katie Chaffin, Director of Marketing at Garner Foods®. “Texas Pete® is the first consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand to partner with GiftAMeal® to support food banks nationwide.”

For restaurant chain and non-commercial operators, a partnership with the Texas Pete® program is easy, requiring minimal training and no additional costs for supporting the social cause of feeding the hungry in the cities where each operation is located.

Whether it’s a bottle of Texas Pete® on the table of a restaurant, or foodservice establishment, a mention of Texas Pete® on a menu or a Texas Pete® portion control packet in a takeout or drive-thru order, we have table clings, table tents, and other signage available to do the work of informing customers about the opportunity.

Materials provided by Garner Foods can include the chain or operation’s logo and asks customers to take a photo of the Texas Pete® product with their smartphone, then share via a QR code. The participating operator is also recognized as a partner supporting feeding the hungry.

When they do share, a donation equivalent to one free meal is automatically made to the local food bank by Garner Foods on behalf of the partnering operator. Customers can then share the photo with their friends on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and additional meal donations. Up to four meals can be made by one customer to their local food bank.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, over 34 million Americans, including 9 million children, are food insecure. Through various donations, Garner Foods has supported the Feeding America Food Banks and fed over one million hungry children through the No Kid Hungry Program of the Share Our Strength non-profit.

“I applaud Garner Foods for their vision in supporting this important social cause as the first national CPG company to embrace our technology to make feeding the hungry simple and free for customers across America,” said Andrew Glantz, founder, and CEO of GiftAMeal®.

The Texas Pete® GiftAMeal® Program is now underway. Participating restaurants and non-commercial operators across the country can support the program. For operators interested in partnering with the Texas Pete® GiftAMeal® Program, contact Nikki Green at ngreen@garnerfoods.com. Learn more about the program at TexasPete.com/GiftAMeal.

“We want to thank our Texas Pete® fans with the opportunity to feel good about playing an important role in helping to feed the hungry in our communities,” says Chaffin. “We encourage restaurant chains and non-commercial operators nationwide to embrace this social cause by partnering with us.”