Load Up on Great Sauces and Smart Ideas For 2022
Profile: Billy Lentz – Regional Sales Manager – Garner Foods
August 26, 2021
A Universally Loved Flavor That Adds Versatility Across Your Menu.
April 1, 2022

Load Up on Great Sauces and Smart Ideas For 2022

Texas Pete® was the hot sauce brand that kept QSR restaurants stocked with all the PC packets their customers needed during the height of the pandemic. It also remains the reliable source for three packet flavors and four distinct 1 oz. dipping cup options for 2022.

Texas Pete® Dipping Cups are available in four flavors including honey mustard and BBQ Sauce.

Yet a consistent supply of PCs isn’t the only good news that is ahead for 2022 from one of America’s favorite hot sauce brands. We will soon release a dozen great new recipe ideas that will not only drive traffic and sales, but help you overcome nagging operational challenges that continue into 2022. Here’s a short list of what to look forward to.

  1. Help you address the labor challenge. Our Texas Pete® Test Kitchen made ease of prep its top priority to address the labor issues restaurant operators continue to face. Coming in February, Texas Pete® will share new recipe ideas calling for only five (or less) common ingredients in your kitchen. The ideas will not only help assure consistency but speed up service turns.

  1. Helping You Address Your Supply Chain Shortages. While Texas Pete® is famous for its hot sauce PCs, our ½ gallon and gallon jugs in a variety of sauces are plentiful and ready to bring bold, balanced flavor to your current recipes. Our new recipe ideas will include an assortment of Texas Pete® sauces ranging from or Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce, to our CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce and versatile Texas Pete® DUST Dry Seasoning.

  1. Sure-Fire Winners. Our new recipe ideas will also offer innovative twists on proven winners at your tables, takeout, and drive thrus. From comfort foods to trending bowls and more, our new recipe ideas will drive traffic and buzz on social media.

Here are five of our most popular Texas Pete® hot sauce flavors in ½ gal. and 1 gal. jugs.

Be on the lookout for our new solutions-focused recipe ideas throughout 2022 to help you overcome the challenges of the new year. In the meantime, load up with our plastic jug sauces and be ready for a profitable and efficient new year.